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3-click setup, and an API as succinct and powerful as the engine it interfaces with. Find our libraries on GitHub.

Track  Events
$ curl \
	-u lSe1PfZzJGBNEpdsnZfU: \
	-d user=user_rlox8k927z7p \
	-d behavior=purchase \
	-d item=item_83jx4c57r2ru 
HashMap<String, Object> eventParams = new HashMap<String, Object>();
eventParams.put("user", "user_rlox8k927z7p");
eventParams.put("item", "item_83jx4c57r2ru");
eventParams.put("behavior", "purchase");

JSONObject resp = new JSONObject();
try {
    JSONObject resp = tamber.event.track(eventParams);
} catch (TamberException e) {
    System.out.println(String.format("%s=%s", e.getClass().getName(), e.getMessage()));
e = tamber.Event.track(
e = Tamber::Event.track(
  :user => 'user_rlox8k927z7p',
  :behavior => 'purchase'
  :item =>  'item_83jx4c57r2ru',
	user: "user_rlox8k927z7p",
	behavior: "purchase",
	item: "item_83jx4c57r2ru",
}, function(err, result){});
e, err := event.Track(&tamber.EventParams{
	User:     "user_rlox8k927z7p",
	Behavior: "purchase",
	Item:     "item_83jx4c57r2ru",
Discover  Recommendations

The new standard in recommendation quality.

Tamber is solving discovery by solving the fundamental problem of traditional recommender systems: popularity bias. How much more effective are we? Let's say a user likes some books...

Tamber's new approach to discovery means you get...

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